A71 Mamba Beadlock


      • • One of the first Raceline UTV beadlock designs, and taking cues from our Mamba HD for trucks, the Mamba UTV continues as one of our most popular ever
        • Constructed out of heavy duty A356 aluminum with a forged 6061 beadlock ring with US made Grade 8 zinc beadlock hardware included
        • Engineered to be one of the strongest wheels available
        • Available in both Satin Black and Satin Black with machined spoke ridges
        • Includes a satin black snap-in cap with embossed chrome Raceline logo
        • For thicker beaded tires, Raceline beadlock ring spacers are available to ensure proper ring seating.
        • Available in 12”, 14” and 15” diameters for most UTV bolt patterns
        • The Official Wheel of SCORE International, Texplex Motorsports Park and Texas UTV Championships as well as too many others to list
      • * Raceline Beadlock mounting instructions are available to view and print in the third image